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21 Dec 2021

Nurses’ contribution to the COVID-19 pandemic in Liberia in 2020

Contributor: David S. Kollie, RN, President, Liberian Nurses Association For our final IND 2021 weekly case study and to celebrate...

14 Dec 2021

Home Phototherapy, Denmark

Home Phototherapy - a collaboration between the Neonatal Clinic and the Obstetrics Clinic at Rigshospitalet, Denmark ​Contributor: Joan Neergaard Larsen,...

07 Dec 2021

“Get the most from your nurse” campaign

Contributor: Angeles Beatriz Alvarez Hermida, RN, Spanish General Council of Nursing In recent years, family and community nurses in Spain...

30 Nov 2021

The Nurse’s Voice

The Nurse’s Voice: Providing counseling and training services during the COVID-19 pandemic, Iran Contributor: Khatereh Seylani, BSN, MScN, Ph.D, Assistant...

23 Nov 2021

The Joint Outpatient Clinic

The Joint Outpatient Clinic’s use of portable, programmable infusion pumps, Denmark Contributors: Malene Kildemand, clinical nurse specialist and Sisse Skaarup,...

18 Nov 2021


World COPD DAY: The role of nurse practitioner in interprofessional practice and holistic health care ​Contributor: Yi-Ying Liu, Nurse Practitioner,...

09 Nov 2021

Effect of brain training on eye hand coordination activities in

Effect of brain training on eye hand coordination activities in elderly patients for stress and type 2 diabetes mellitus, Thailand...

26 Oct 2021

Nurses’ Stress: “COVID-19 is scary, just like a roller-coaster”

​Contributor: Rosemarie L. Josey, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Bahamas Clinical Nurse Specialist Rosemarie Josey had never imagined being faced with the...

19 Oct 2021

Nurses providing Infection, Prevention and Control during COVID19

Contributor: Hebah Ibrahim Hasan al Zamel, MSN RN CIC /Infection Control Coordinator, King Abdullah University Hospital, Jordan On the occasion...

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