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12 Oct 2021

Nursing care during COVID19, importance of Mental Health Support

Nursing care during COVID-19 and the importance of Mental Health Support, South Sudan ​​Contributor: Teresa Kloning, ICU nurse in Germany...

05 Oct 2021

Clinical Teaching during COVID-19

Contributors: Nuhad Dumit, BSN, MA, PhD; Lina Younan, RN, MSN, DNP; Ghada Najjar, BSN, MMS, PhD; Gladys Honein AbouHaidar BSN,...

28 Sep 2021

Compassionate, person-centred, dignified care

Compassionate, person-centred, dignified care: the art of nursing at the end of life, Hong Kong  Contributor: Helen Chan, RN, BSN(Hons),...

27 Sep 2021

JNA: Participation in the Nightingale Challenge

Since December 2020, the Japanese Nursing Association (JNA) ha s participated in the Nightingale Challenge, a part of the global...

21 Sep 2021

Helping patients survive guilt, blame and loneliness

Helping patients survive guilt, blame and loneliness: Palliative Care in Corona Times, Israel Contributor: Amira Cohen, RN, PhD, Clinical Supervisor,...

14 Sep 2021

A Nurse Leading Technology Transfer, the Philippines

Contributor: Dr. Lourdes Marie S. Tejero, RN, MTM, MAN, PhD, Professor & Director, University of the Philippines, Manila Historically, technology...

07 Sep 2021

Retaining nursing students during the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta

Contributor: Corinne Scicluna, BSc, MSc, PhD, Lecturer, University of Malta In early March 2020, all nursing students at the University...

31 Aug 2021

Health Cantabria Responds - a hotline during COVID-19, Spain

Contributor: David Peña Otero, RN; MsC; PhD; Doctor of Nursing Practice, Sub-Directorate Care Advisor, Cantabrian Health Service At the start...

24 Aug 2021

Nurse Leadership during COVID-19, Qatar

Contributor: Amal Al-Harbi, BSN, MN, Director of Nursing Education, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar The rapid onset of COVID-19 and its...

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