A nursing student in the ICU

Submitted by McGill Ingram school of nursing
October 20, 2020

When the COVID-19 situation started, I was in my last session of nursing in high school. I was one month away from graduating. I was suppose to do my last clinical in Senegal in April, I was so excited.  At that moment I did not know something would fall on us. Then the government said that all the nursing student had to go work full time in the hospital to help. They put me in the ICU of the big COVID-19 hospital of my town. It was hell. I passed eight hours minimum with my N-95, no drink, no food, no bathroom, just dying people. I was such a difficult time for me. The hardest was to see people dying alone, being scared and alone. Saying goodbye to your loved one by FaceTime is something I hated to see. In the ICU, the people were principally unconscious and really not well, the patients I had for example Monday were not the same as the patients of Tuesday. It was horrible time. Working full time at the hospital in the ICU was making me scared for my family. And I was studying full time too. I was so difficult dealing with not being able to see the people I love because of the lockdown, putting my family at risk due of my work, working full time, studying full time, etc. I hard a really hard time finishing my session and graduate. But in the end I would do it again because nursing is my profession , my vocation and I will never miss an opportunity to help others and do what I love.