Don’t wait

Submitted by McGill
September 5, 2020

Hi, my name is Marie I’m a CEPI (Candidate à l’Exercice de la Profession Infirmière).

I was still a student when the first wave of Covid hit Montreal. I was working as beneficiary attendant in a private residence. Really early, my bosses decided to put the residence in isolation. Nobody in, nobody out. It was really heart breaking receiving calls for the family and telling them everything was fine, and not to worry, but we couldn’t let them in. Later on, we began doing video call. Everyone was crying, it was really touching.  They were a lot of restriction, but they were worth it since nobody was infected.

When I could finally work at the hospital, it was already mid-June. Protocols were in place, nobody was panicking anymore. At least not on my unit. At the emergency room, we receive a lot of people who are really sick. Most of them wouldn’t been in such critical condition if they came earlier at the hospital. Unfortunately, they tend to wait last minute to present themselves because they are scared to be infected. Covid is dangerous, but lot of sicknesses are too. If you have symptoms and you don’t want to go to the hospital, at least call your emergency number. They are nurses and can help you determine if you need fast help or not. Please don’t let fear kill you.

Don’t wait.