Graduating in a Global Pandemic

Submitted by Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University
October 20, 2020

I had been looking forward to graduating nursing school ever since my very first day of clinical 3 years ago. Getting to say you’re a nurse is such a privilege and the day could not come sooner for me. Imagine my surprise when in my final semester of nursing school, a global pandemic came into affect.

As a student who was in the middle of her last stage, this was terrifying for us. What if we got sick and weren’t able to complete necessary assessments needed in order to graduate? What if everything shut down?

Once everything did shut down, I, along with my classmates felt guilt about not being able to help out with the pandemic. This being said, we all did what we could and studied hard in order to be able to join them in the early summer month. I can honestly say that I am so happy to be apart of such an amazing profession that never fails to come through for the public. Nurses truly are heroes, and it is because of them that things are still running remotely smoothly in the hospitals. Being able to say I am apart of this amazing profession is such a privilege and a blessing, and I am hoping that once this pandemic subsides, the world and the governments will continue to recognize us as the heroes that we are. Despite the lack of sleep and added stress of the pandemic, nursing is a passion; and the feeling of saving a life or helping someone get to go home is ultimately always worth it.