Japanese Nursing Association Nursing Now activities

Submitted by ICN
May 25, 2020

The Japanese Nursing Association implemented its Nursing Now activities to coincide with Nursing Day, May 12th, and Nursing Week in Japan.  Under the state of emergency due to COVID-19 and self-constraint request, we are taking this opportunity to send out messages about vital role of nursing.

The photo features the Nursing Now flags along the street of Omotesando* where JNA office is located and lighting up the JNA office in blue (* Omotesando is the one of the major shopping areas in Tokyo, Japan)

Promoting SNS campaign “#Nursing Now_What I can do now”

JNA started the campaign asking public to tweet what they think they can do and act under the current situation with COVID-19. JNA considers following two points are required to overcome the situation; raising awareness of the public not to be infected and sending cheers for nursing professions working at the frontline. JNA believes that the best cheers for nursing profession working in healthcare and long-term care settings are people stay healthy.

Creating Nursing Now category for award of “Unforgettable Nursing Episode”

As a part of “Nursing Day and Nursing Week” work, we have awarded heart-warming “Unforgettable Nursing Episode” submitted from nursing professions and public since 2010. This year, we created Nursing Now category to the award and called for episodes of nursing practices and experiences which realized nursing contribution to health of people. This year’s award winning episode was submitted from a nurse manager of one hospital ward which capturing the nursing practice of one nurse to a patient changed the staff attitude.

Cheer song for nursing professions

On May 12th, the Nursing Day in Japan, JNA officially announced to publish the cheer song for nursing professions coming October. The famous Japanese artist and music producer will write both lyrics and music as well as dance moves. We expect the song will facilitate Nursing Now campaign in Japan and cheer nursing professions who work at the frontline of healthcare settings around the clock.

Hello Kitty as the ambassador

We appoint Nursing Day and Nursing Week ambassador every year.  This year, we appointed Hello Kitty, popular character in Japan, as the ambassador of Nursing Day and Nursing Week as well as Nursing Now to promote our activities in Japan.