My COVID experience

Submitted by McGill University
September 9, 2020


I am a CEPI, I finished my nursing technical diploma in December 2019. I was employed by the CHUM in Montreal in internal medecine. In april 2020, my entire team and I were transfered to Hotel-Dieu de Montréal to help care for COVID-19 positive patients that couldn’t go back to their long-term care centre after being hospitalized. This experience made me learn that in difficult times, we have to care for each other, adapt to new procedures, and to do so with patience. We have to accept that the situation changes everyday and that we have to do everything in our power to offer the best care possible. My team and I had to make three closed departments accessible and safe for patient care in only four weeks. We received around 100 patients in these four weeks, we worked tirelessly. But in the end, after three months of hard work, long-term care centres accepted patients back, and I was able to go back to my department at the CHUM. What an experience!