Nurses, Courageous and Essential

Submitted by University of Mcgill
October 22, 2020

Hello, my name is Violetta Borysova. Since April 2020, I worked as a CEPI in one of the most affected hospitals by COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. Not surprisingly, I contracted COVID a few weeks later. I attribute this to the lack of equipment and the lack of knowledge about the virus and the equipment required to protect ourselves. Even though we all had a lot of stress knowing that we had to go to work in the red zone, we did it anyway, because it is our responsibility and our job! This situation made me realize how courageous and essential nurses are. This pandemic has been very heavy on our health system, already in difficulty. This virus made a wreak among healthcare workers, who contracted it one by one. Health care workers were missed everywhere, we all have seen it. We realize in these difficult times, the crucial importance of healthcare workers, but especially nurses who put their lives in danger by fighting against this virus on the front line every single day since the start.