Pandemic COVID-19: The Dynamics of Greek Nurses

Submitted by Henry Dunant HOSPITAL CENTER
June 24, 2020

Although invaded aggressively in our daily clinical practice and at the hospital where we work, the pandemic COVID-19 was the occasion to bring to light our potential. The Nurses led, successfully completed our work and pioneered in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. We are fully prepared to deal with this emergency, maintaining the safety standards of our patients, and this was helped by the top accreditation our hospital has received from the Joint Commission International. As soon as the threatening virus appeared, we developed procedures and protocols, according to the guidelines of the International Organizations for the proper management of these patients and the use of high protection measures. We conducted intensive training in the new data and systematic monitoring of their proper implementation with a decisive role in limiting the transmission of COVID-19 to our hospital and consequently to the community. We applied a controlled entry of visitors and staff with the obligatory use of a mask and antiseptic of the hands, from the first days of the pandemic. Also, the triage of suspicious cases in the Emergency Department takes place in a separate area designed for diagnosis and isolation of suspected or confirmed cases and which has been set up as a special area outside the hospital. Patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection are monitored in an independent, isolated hospital ward with a separate entrance. Nurses have a prominent role, highlighting their self-denial and dynamism on a daily basis, in all these procedures.

So, COVID-19 pandemic was the reason for us to understand how united and strong we Nurses can manage any health challenge, thus transmitting strength, hope, success for the result and ultimately indescribable joy both for us and for patients we care about with genuine interest.

Nurses are in the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 in Greece and elsewhere and we have been working non-stop to care for these very sick patients, many of whom are on ventilators and require complex 24-hour care.Every Nurse is a hero and should be celebrated as such on a daily basis. By working with determination and psychical strength, Nurses take care of patients while at the same time scary things going on in our personal lives. Despite the fact that lots of Nurses have sick family members or loved ones who are hospitalized and are unable to help them, we continue to perform devotedly our duty by treating patients.

Nurses are scientists and everyone should recognize us permanently and forever, not only in Greece and temporarily…

Ioanna Vgenopoulou, RN, MSc, Henry Dunant HOSPITAL CENTER, Greece, Athens

Aikaterini Antoniou, RN, MSc, Henry Dunant HOSPITAL CENTER, Greece, Athens

Olga Dalingarou, RN, MSc, Henry Dunant HOSPITAL CENTER, Greece, Athens