Quality enhanced medical services through a new public policy

Submitted by ICN
February 17, 2021

Our member, The Order of Nurses and Midwives of Romania is proud to share their EU funded project  “Quality enhanced medical services through a new public policy on the values of the professions of nurse and midwife – POLMED”.

The project was implemented over a period of 16 months between June 2018 and October 2019.

The main rationale behind the project was the need to enhance the quality of healthcare services provision in Romania. As such, they strongly believe that an important standard of quality of health care is patient satisfaction, which is given not only by the act of care but also by the patient’s interaction with the professionals.

Therefore, special focus was given to developing a set of fundamental professional values for nurses and midwives, thus adding a new professional identity reference that would be beneficial for the identity of the two professions and for the medical-patient personal relationship, as well.

Secondary objectives of the project aimed to increase the organization’s capacity to design public policy proposals in the medical sector and to coordinate participatory processes in order to develop a proposal for an alternative public policy that concerns the professions of a nurse and midwife.

Read the details here: The Professional Values of Nurses and Midwives-1