Starting my Nursing Career during a Pandemic

Submitted by McGill University
October 30, 2020

I went through three years of nursing school to finally graduate and be able to work in the hospital where I am now. I wanted to start my profession by working with elderly patients because I love this clientele. I feel like I get to learn so many things from them and providing care is very gratifying. I was told during my training that the first year as a nurse can be very challenging but I would have never thought that I’d get to work frontline during a worldwide pandemic. School definitely did not prepare me for that.  I am trying to live and experience everything one day at a time. It is a peculiar feeling to think that we are living a historical event and at the same time, that we are contributing to history. There is not a day where I do not remind myself why I have decided to pursue this profession. My desire to help people and make small changes around me is the source of my strengths during such a difficult period.  I am proud to be a nurse.