The Change Made by the Pandemic

Submitted by McGill University
November 1, 2020

This particular time of the year was unlike any other year. The year 2020 had barely started and we were in for an unexpected change. Who would’ve thought that we would have a pandemic, unlike any other in history right at moment? At the time, like many other nursing students, I was doing my clinical internship (last semester of the program) and preparing for graduation which was not so far off. My classmates and I were also preparing for a much anticipated graduation party in a couple of months. However, little did we know things were about to change. And then it started. Everything was almost shut down completely, we were told we will not be returning to clinical and classes will take place online. These days were not like before. Each morning we would hear about more deaths and the number of deaths only increased exponentially day by day and the conditions the patients and healthcare providers were in. It was absolutely terrifying to say the least. And although I was not working as a nurse throughout the pandemic, I have heard about their stories. These were stories of fatigue, of worry, and frustration. I cannot imagine what they must’ve gone through and how it felt in those frontlines. What I can say is that I felt grateful that we have such great nurses. Who gave everything they’ve got even if they were not being as protected as they should have been or compensated accordingly. The frustration due to being encouraged to do their job but without the equivalent compensation. This was a time that reminded me of how important and invaluable the nurses are, the work that they do and why I have come into this profession. Many kept doing their work even in such conditions. I’m speaking right now, looking back at the beginning of the pandemic, I could remember feeling a lot of uncertainty regarding our situation as students who hadn’t yet finished the semester, however I know that what our nurses had to go through was much more hectic and can’t be compared to. They are an example to me of what a nurse is and I intend to also be of service as a nurse and work as hard to the best of my ability.