Turkish Nurses Association’s Symposium on “Nursing and Communication”

Submitted by Turkish Nurses Association
March 3, 2020

Within the scope of Nursing Now, the Manisa Branch of Turkish Nursing Association organized a symposium on the “Nursing and Communication”, hosted by a state university (Manisa Celal Bayar University) in Manisa, Turkey and in cooperation with the Health Directorate of Manisa Province on February 06, 2020. Nurses from different clinics, nurse managers, academic nurses and nurse students attended the meeting. The symposium included five sessions and 15 presentation about experience of communication on the academic and clinic area. At first communication is discussed with theoretical concept, for example self-knowledge process, motivation, philosophical dimension, compassion fatigue and communication experiences of nurse student, nurse manager and clinic nurses with studying special groups (pediatric, oncologic, psychiatric etc.). At the end of the symposium was discussed how nurses can solve the communication problems accompanied with the expert of the psychiatric nursing. The lawyer from legal counselling of Turkish Nursing Association explained the communication and legal process after violence. The symposium is important especially that all of institution about nursing in the province (education, management, academic and clinic area) came together to discuss the process of communication, the source of the most frequent interpersonal problems.