Working as a CNA as I completed my Nursing degree

Submitted by McGill University
September 5, 2020

It was not easy, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Having to balance nursing school and working as a CNA in a nursing home was not easy. Especially during the pandemic with more than 70% of its residents being COVID-19 positive. I had no energy to do anything besides working, attending my Zoom classes, and submitting my assignments. It was discouraging to watch people go out and not respect the guidelines. It was my first time watching people slowly decay in front of me. It was my first time hearing about the possibility of giving intracutaneous infusion of fluids. More than half of the residents who lived in the nursing home passed away. But I would do it again because I care deeply about humanity and because I feel responsible for my colleagues who were working overtime due to a shortage of healthcare workers. It was worth it because of the survivors. It was worth it because of the community that got together and made us healthcare workers feel supported. It was worth it because it made me grow immensely as a person. Even though I was working asĀ  CNA during the worst times of the pandemic, I will be forever grateful for this experience. Grateful that my nursing home provided us healthy food during our shifts. Grateful that my nursing home had enough surgical masks, gloves, and protective gowns. Grateful that a local group of people accepted my request and printed out many face shields for my colleagues and me.